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Simple Ways To Stay Lean

Staying Lean

Getting (and staying) lean is an ongoing battle that many of us face – myself included. There are some tips I’ve discovered over the years that have really helped to keep staying lean less of a chore.

Here are some simple ways that make getting and staying lean that little bit easier.

Power Up Your Playlist

Staying lean means keeping in shape, and some of us sometimes need that extra boost to keep us going and feeling motivated. For me, music makes working out so much more fun. Music helps me to focus, tune out the world and actually enjoy my workouts. Sometimes I look forward to working out just because I’m excited to listen to a particular song I’m currently obsessing over. If I’m tired or a workout session is becoming particularly strenuous, I let the music carry me. This may seem like an obvious tip, but for me music is life and I definitely couldn’t imagine getting through a gym session without it!

If your playlist has seen better days, try using new music as a reward for your fitness targets. For example, if you bang out 50 push ups you’ll treat yourself to a new album on iTunes!

Change Things Up

Try not to get too stuck in a rut with your workouts. Getting lean is one thing, but to STAY keen is another. Staying lean means changing things up so that you’re continuously training different muscle groups. To change things up, try to incorporate something different into your fitness schedule, such as yoga. Yoga is a lot harder than it looks but it make getting and staying lean a whole lot easier. Yoga is fantastic for strength and flexibility, and I find it really helps to improve my stamina too. I sometimes like to meditate whilst in a headstand – great for the body and for the mind. Just make sure you’re on a comfortable surface such as a gym mat.

Walk Where You Can

If you can resist temptation of driving when possible, you’ll burn more calories, improve your overall fitness and generally find it easier to stay lean. To add some fun cardio to your day, why not jog or ride your bike instead? Riding a bike instead of taking your car will help you to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery if there’s a scenic route to be taken! Riding your bike to the gym also eliminates the need for a warm up and you’ll be adding to your workout without having to spend extra time on the equipment.

Keep It Real

Remind yourself that staying lean is about lifestyle change, not dieting. I cannot stress this enough! If you are a notorious dieter or yo-yo-er who struggles with keeping the weight off and staying lean, have you ever thought about why? Staying lean is all about changing your lifestyle for good. If you stick to a 30 day diet, get great results but don’t stick out your new lifestyle changes then you’ll soon be piling the pounds back on. Be realistic with your diet and fitness habits. Making changes that you’re likely to be able to stick to will make staying lean a whole lot easier!

Bethan G. Trueman is the Co-Founder and Dance Director of MADE Dance. She is also Co-Founder and Director of Trueman Enterprise Group, MADE's parent company. Bethan's had a varied dance career working with some leading industry names. She now enjoys running MADE Dance and sharing her experiences, workouts and healthy recipes on the blog.
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