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Dance Exercises: 5 At-Home Exercises to Supplement Your Dancing

We all love to dance, but it’s easy to forget to exercise to supplement our dancing. Here are some basic dance exercises you can do at home to help support your dance practice…

#1 Cardio

You can do cardio right from your living room! Running, jumping and jogging all help to improve strength and endurance, and these simple exercises can be done right from your living room!

#2 Stretches

Stretching is a well-known way of improving flexibility. The more you stretch, the more your muscles will become conditioned and this will help to improve your jumps, landings, steps and overall dance technique. Stretch as often as you can, but even 10 minutes of concentrated stretching a day will soon make a noticeable difference.

#3 Squats and lunges

Squiats and lunges are great for strengthening your thighs, legs and butt. Doing these exercises regularly will also help to improve your jumps, perfect your landings and help to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

#4 Ab exercises

Abdominal exercises such as situps and crunches help to strengthen not only your core, but also your entire body. By doing these exercises regularly, your dancing ability and technique will be noticeably improved. The stronger your core, the easier it is to balance, and the stronger your overall body, the easier it is to execute a more varied range of movements.

#4 Push ups

Yes, even dances should do push-ups! Not only will they significantly improve your core and upper body strength, they will also help to improve your technique and help you dance better overall. Push ups strengthen your chest, arms and back, and also help to improve your posture.

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